2016, Volume 12, Issue 1

Innovative agonology as a synonymous of prophylactic and therapeutic agonology – the final impulse

Roman Maciej Kalina1

1Department of Combat Sports, Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport, Poland

Author for correspondence: Roman Maciej Kalina; Department of Combat Sports, Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport, Poland; email: kom.kalina@op.pl

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Innovative agonology identify with the current stage of development of science about struggle. This science is the man en bloc extremely needed as never before. The main objective of this paper is an argumentation based on interdisciplinary knowledge, observation of social reality and personal experiences of author (empirically validated) associated with the creation of science about struggle in the global science space just in its most practical (preventive) dimension – prophylactic and therapeutic agonology.

Besides general ignorance of agonology (rules, methods, means etc.) one of the most important factors blocking the defence potential of modern man “against attack on any its goods” is associating the self-defence with a motor dimension (combat sports and martial arts). No wonder, because the defence effects (or lack of them) are immediately visible, because the action of the parties are directed towards the body of the fighting people. Proven effectiveness poses new adepts of training. From this perspective it is not matter whether and how long takes compensation for wrongs and get back the justice in the courts.

The man defending against institutional violence generally has little chance if the case does not catch media attention. Application of the rules and methods of prophylactic and therapeutic agonology ensured effective defence of the Archives of Budo, as an independent institution of science and culture, against the group of professors who since 2014 doggedly applied intellectual and institutional violence towards Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor, members of the Editorial Board and authors-experts of the science of martial arts, who published in the journal their articles and applied for an academic promotion. This violence (indirect targets) is the only means of maintaining power over the system of scientific promotion. Independent scientific journal is an important obstacle. Usurping the right to arbitrarily deciding for oneself of whom to recommend, especially to the academic title of professor (instrumental treating the ethical standards and the relevant bodies of scholars), do not have the ability to influence on the crucial decisions of the editors – which manuscripts to qualify for publication, and which to reject. For these who have real power over the system of scientific promotions such a possibility might be a convenient way of camouflage the power and camouflage the violence before an inconvenient candidate submits an application for scientific promotion.   

This argumentation based on indisputable empirical data implies two important issues. The first is needful redefinition of term “self-defence” and derivative activities of the methodological nature. The second – to define the two syndromes of power (creative and toxic), which is a prerequisite for the theoretical model of “struggles with oneself” as self-defense against the domination of their toxic syndrome of power.

Key words: institutional violence, intellectual violence, martial arts bibliotherapy, power syndrome, simple model the right of self-defiance, struggles with oneself