2017, Volume 13

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Original Article

Published online: 2017-12-20
Reliability of the two new specific wrestling tests: performance, metabolic and cardiac indicators
Milan Markovic, Milivoj Dopsaj, Goran Kasum, Ivan Zaric, Lazar Toskic

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Published online: 2017-12-13
Scythe fencing in “Bartoszowe Troops” – the first original Polish school of martial arts (1903–1914)
Stanisław Zaborniak, Robert Bąk, Marta Niewczas

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Published online: 2017-12-06
The ability to correct an on-going action: Accuracy and correction time in elite fencing
Linus Zeuwts, Katrien Koppo, Greet Cardon, Matthieu Lenoir

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Published online: 2017-11-30
Gender differences in strength lateral asymmetries, limbs morphology and body composition in adolescent judo athletes
Lucia Mala, Tomas Maly, Rafał Camirelli, Marcin Dornowski, Frantisek Zahalka, Miroslav Petr, Pavel Hrasky, David Bujnovský

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Published online: 2017-11-22
The essences of martial arts and ‘corporal fighting’: A classical phenomenological analysis
Cristiano Roque Antunes Barreira

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Published online: 2017-11-15
The spine mobility of karate master class contestants
Arletta Hawrylak, Krystyna Chromik, Katarzyna Barczyk- Pawelec, Ewa Demczuk-Włodarczyk

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Published online: 2017-11-08
Determinants of health-related behaviours of judo athletes
Paweł Fryderyk Nowak, Cezary Kuśnierz, Karol Gorner, Pavol Bartik

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Published online: 2017-10-26
Declared by medical students actions towards of people in emergency situations – mixed assessments as a basis for analysis of simulation studies
Ryszard Kałużny, Jarosław Klimczak

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Published online: 2017-10-19
Active recovery vs sodium bicarbonate: impact on lactic acid removal following a specific judo effort
Nebojša Trajković, Josip Šančić, Adrian Scruton, Rebeka Prosoli, Lovro Štefan, Goran Sporiš, Dejan Madić

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Published online: 2017-10-12
Time-motion performance in semi-professional Lithuanian women’s judo athletes
Lolita Dudeniene, Antanas Skarbalius, Kazimieras Pukenas, Mike Callan

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Published online: 2017-10-05
Respiratory function the Korean elite judo athletes and non-athletes
Shin Sub, Yang Min, Kim Hyun, Lee UK, Kim Young, Lee Kyu, Park Sun, Lee Deok, Noh Woong, Kim Jung, Kwak Yong, Lee Hyun, Kim Young, Kim Junghwan

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Published online: 2017-09-14
Technical principles of atemi-waza in the first technique of the itsutsu-no-kata in judo: from the viewpoint of jujutsu like atemi-waza. A broad perspective of application in honoured self-defence training
Fumiaki Shishida, Masanori Sakaguchi, Tadayuki Sato, Yasuo Kawakami

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Published online: 2017-09-07
Relationship between age and expertise with the maximum impact force of a reverse punch by shotokan karate athletes
Vinicius Aguiar de Souza, Andre M. Marques

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Published online: 2017-08-25
Acute physiological responses on performance of Choy Lee Fut forms in amateur practitioners
Juan Cortell-Tormo, Miguel García-Jaén, Roberto Cejuela, Ivan Chulvi-Medrano, Carmen Manchado-López, Julia Gómez-Ramos

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Published online: 2017-08-18
Motivation in judo: rethinking the changes in the European society
Katarzyna Sterkowicz-Przybycień, Jan Blecharz, Stanisław Sterkowicz

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Published online: 2017-08-09
Possibilities and limitations of judo (selected martial arts) and innovative agonology in the therapy of people with mental disorders and also in widely understood public health prophylaxis
Dariusz Mosler, Roman Maciej Kalina

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Published online: 2017-07-27
Effectiveness of avoiding collision with an object in motion – virtual reality technology in diagnostic and training from perspective of prophylactic of body injuries
Robert Michnik, Piotr Wodarski, Andrzej Bieniek, Jacek Jurkojć, Dariusz Mosler, Roman Maciej Kalina

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Published online: 2017-07-18
Data Science Systems supporting Continuous Quality Improvement of the scientific institutions pursuing Excellent Science – Science Wizard case study of the Research Intelligence
Bartłomiej Jan Barczyński

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Published online: 2017-07-10
Mixed assessments as mental and pedagogic basis of innovative self-defence
Roman Maciej Kalina, Bartłomiej Jan Barczyński

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Published online: 2017-06-26
Skeletal muscle contraction time is an important factor in the muscle damage response in kickboxing athletes
Damir Zubac, Boštjan Šimunič, Hrvoje Karninčić, Vladimir Ivančev

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Published online: 2017-06-16
Criteria for effective sports selection in judo schools – on example of sportsmanship’s progress of young judo athletes in Russian Federation
Aleksander Yurievich Osipov, Mikhail Dmitrievich Kudryavtsev, Sergii Sidorovich Iermakov, Władysław Jagiełło

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Published online: 2017-06-09
Predicting judo champions and medallists using statistical modelling
Mohd Rozilee Wazir Norjali Wazir, Marlies Torfs, Mireille Mostaert, Johan Pion, Matthieu Lenoir

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Published online: 2017-05-22
Application of training periodization models by elite judo coaches
Antonio Carlos Tavares Junior, Alexandre Drigo

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Published online: 2017-05-11
The quality of sports services in karate club based on users’ perception
Dusan Peric, Milan Nesic, Dusan Dacic, Zlatko Ahmetovic, Velibor Srdic, Srdjan Milosavljevic

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Published online: 2017-04-28
Effects of gradual weight loss on anaerobic capacity and muscle strength in elite taekwondo ITF athletes
Ewa Bakońska-Pacoń, Wioletta Dziubek, Gabriela Forgiel, Eugenia Murawska-Ciałowicz, Marek Zatoń, Kazimierz Witkowski

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Published online: 2017-04-19
Muscular strength of knee extensors and flexors and bilateral and ipsilateral ratio in elite male kickboxers
Tomas Maly, Lucia Mala, Frantisek Zahalka, Mikulas Hank, Michaela Simkova

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Published online: 2017-04-11
An evaluation of diets in the Polish national judo team during the pre-competition weight loss period
Anna Książek, Justyna Karpała, Małgorzata Słowińska-Lisowska

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Published online: 2017-03-31
Feet structure in young capoeira athletes versus untrained peers
Ewa Puszczałowska-Lizis, Przemysław Bujas, Jarosław Omorczyk, Tadeusz Ambroży, Andrzej Markowski

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Published online: 2017-03-15
Changes in expression of selected cellular stress response genes after passive body overheating in sauna and moderate exercise in judo athletes and untrained people
Małgorzata Żychowska

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Published online: 2017-02-28
The limits of anaerobic glycolytic capacities of skilled wrestlers on the basis of anaerobic testing loads of different duration and character
Stanislaw Sawczyn, Olena N. Lusenko , Viktor S. Mishchenko, Marcin Pasek, Marcin Dornowski

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Published online: 2017-02-24
Monitoring training during four weeks of three different modes of high-intensity interval training in judo athletes
Braulio Henrique Magnani Branco, João Paulo Lopes Silva, Jonatas Ferreira da Silva Santos, Ursula Ferreira Julio, Valéria Leme Gonçalves Panissa, Emerson Franchini

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Published online: 2017-02-14
‘It’s not about the pain – it’s about the feedback’: krav maga experts’ views on self-defence performance and the experience of contact, pain and injury in the process of skill development
Mario S. Staller, Andrew Abraham, Jamie M. Poolton, Swen Körner

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Published online: 2017-01-30
Effects of local vibrations on muscle strength and roundhouse kick performance of taekwondo athletes

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Published online: 2017-01-18
The relationship between body composition and aerobic energy expenditure during technical performance of kendo
Andrei Sancassani, Dalton M Pessôa Filho, Pedro VS Moreira, Kazuo K Nagamine, Cassiano M Neiva, Carlos EL Verardi

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Review Article

Published online: 2017-09-28
Original methods and tools of the investigations of the body balance disturbation tolerance skills of the Polish judo athletes from 1976 to 2016
Jarosław Maśliński, Paweł Piepiora, Wojciech Cieśliński, Kazimierz Witkowski

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Published online: 2017-09-21
Physiological and psychological benefits of aikido training: a systematic review
Zsuzsanna Szabolcs, Ferenc Köteles, Attila Szabo

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Published online: 2017-05-31
Impact of rapid weight reduction on health and performance related indicators of athletes representing the Olympic combat sports
Woo-Hwi Yang, Oliver Heine, Joachim Mester, Marijke Grau

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Published online: 2017-03-22
Martial arts for health benefits in children and youth with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review
Liye Zou, Zhongjun Xiao, Huiru Wang, Chaoyi Wang, Xiujuan Hu, Yankai Shu

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Published online: 2017-01-07
Topics of doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations devoted to judo in period 2000-2016 – the overall analysis of works of Russian experts
Aleksander Yurievich Osipov, Mikhail Dmitrievich Kudryavtsev, Sergii Sidorovich Iermakov, Władysław Jagiełło

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