2023, Volume 19

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Original Article

Published online: 2023-09-28
Methodology of complementary research as the basis for integrating science in fulfilling its social mission in the future
Roman Maciej Kalina

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Published online: 2023-09-18
The effectiveness of hand-to-hand combat is not determined by the need for a high level of aggressiveness
Jarosław Klimczak, Andrzej Chodała

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Published online: 2023-09-06
Emotional intelligence and aggression in kyokushin and shotokan karate athletes
Cezary Kuśnierz, Aleksandra Rogowska, Karol Görner

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Published online: 2023-08-21
Selected aspects of Nikolai Bernstein's theory assessed with modern motion analysis tools
Zbigniew Borysiuk

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Published online: 2023-08-11
The hierarchy theory of wushu and the seven ideology conception and spiritual connotation
Yang Yang, Yang Wei

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Published online: 2023-07-31
INNOAGON is an acronym for "innovative agonology", but is not synonymous with "science of martial arts"
Roman Maciej Kalina, Artur Kruszewski

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Published online: 2023-07-21
Profiles of general physical fitness of young men training in combat sports
Artur Litwiniuk, Robert Bąk, Andrzej Chodała

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Published online: 2023-06-30
Somatic determinants of hit precision in female foil fencers
Magdalena Krzykała, Mateusz Witkowski, Bartosz Hekiert, Karolina Perz

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Published online: 2023-06-21
How post-1840s’ governments oversaw martial arts in China
An Lu

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Published online: 2023-06-09
Relationships between the level of strength of the upper and lower limbs and indicators of technical-tactical preparation of kickboxing fighters in the K1 formula competitions
Marta Niewczas, Lukasz Rydzik, Wojciech Wąsacz, Pavel Ružbarský, Tadeusz Ambroży, Paweł Król, Michał Spieszny

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Published online: 2023-05-30
Taekwondo instructors' life skills teaching: a key factor in life skills development and transfer of youth trainees
Yong-Quan Shen, Dong-Su Kim, Junsu Bae

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Published online: 2023-05-18
The impact of artificial intelligence vision technology on the learning interest of wushu duanbing students in China
Haidong Chen, Lianzhen Ma, Feixue Rao

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Published online: 2023-04-19
Impact of COVID-19 on taekwondo kyorugi athletes in Korea
Minsoo Jeon, Hyosung Lim, Hyeri Oh, Hyo-Jun Yun

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Published online: 2023-04-11
The tolerance tendency and sports engagement levels of kick boxers
Gamze Deryahanoglu, Ozan Yilmaz, Arda Ozturk

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Published online: 2023-03-23
Self-control, aggression and bullying of martial arts practitioners and non-martial arts practitioners: A comparative study and factor analysis
Ting Xu, Zi Yan, Hansen Li, Guodong Zhang, Yucheng Zhang

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Published online: 2023-03-15
Although "self-defence" is an individual case of human defensive struggle and the object of research of the specific sciences dedicated to struggle, it also is a term borrowed by other categories of sciences classified by WoS
Artur Kruszewski, Bartłomiej Gąsienica Walczak

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Published online: 2023-02-27
The efficiency of the process of forming the skill of performing kin geri kick
Svitlana Marchenko, Olha Ivashchenko, Władysław Jagiełło, Sergii Iermakov, Oleg Khudolii, Valeriia Bobrysheva

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Published online: 2023-02-17
Body balance disturbation tolerance skills combat sports athletes and people with other motor experiences in dynamically changing circumstances in own research – a perspective for predicting personal safety during real-life performance in extreme situations
Artur Litwiniuk, Bartłomiej Gąsienica Walczak, Władysław Jagiełło, Artur Kruszewski

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Published online: 2023-02-10
Profiles of the ability to optimally use the limbs muscle strength of combat sports athletes, racket sports athletes and drummer as validation of the accuracy of the recommended methods of measuring this phenomenon
Artur Litwiniuk, Tomasz Waldziński, Ewa Waldzińska, Juris Grants, Bartłomiej Gąsienica-Walczak

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Published online: 2023-01-30
Wrestling fight - between tradition, sport and spectacle
Artur Kruszewski

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Published online: 2023-01-20
Effect of semi-professional boxing training on selected inflammatory indicators and anaerobic performance
Tomasz Waldziński, Paulina Brzezińska, Jan Mieszkowski, Aleksandra Durzyńska, Magdalena Kochanowicz, Katarzyna Żołądkiewicz, Andrzej Kochanowicz

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Published online: 2023-01-12
Differences in technical and tactical training of the world’s leading national teams in judo tournaments in 2017-2018
Katarzyna Szczepanik, Grzegorz Lech, Kazimierz Witkowski, Janusz Jaworski, Tomasz Pałka, Paweł Piepiora

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Review Article

Published online: 2023-08-31
Smart organization – digitization of combat sports services
Wojciech Cieśliński, Kazimierz Witkowski, Eugeniusz Prystupa, Tomasz Pałka, Paweł Piepiora

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Published online: 2023-05-08
Intervention effect of taijiquan exercises on the ankle joint of the elderly – meta analysis
Tianqi Liang, Xiaoquan Zhang, Yang Wang, Elena Cherkashina, Ilia Cherkashin, Artur Kruszewski, Marek Kruszewski

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Published online: 2023-04-28
Effect of rapid weight loss in combat sports: systematic review
Cecilia Castor-Praga, Javier Sanchez-Lopez, Jeanette M. Lopez-Walle, María Cristina Enríquez-Reyna, Alberto Garrido-Esquivel

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Published online: 2023-03-31
The international competition situation of wushu application for Olympic Games in Porter's five forces model
Xiaoqi Zhang, Bo Wen, Hongxiao Wang, Shihui Liu

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