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In the year 2018, we are introducing a new product, the Archives of Budo Books. Books, traditionally printed on paper, will soon be available for purchase directly at the editorial office. They will be sent by mail.

We will start with a new series "Innovative Agonology in Practice". The scale of interest in the innovative agonology (evidence-based science about struggle) shown by global scientific circles is proven by presentations about this unknown science delivered by the Archives of Budo Editor-in-Chief from June 2015 to February 2018 during the prestigious congresses and conferences in the USA, South Korea, Japan, Brazil and Czech Republic. Each week we receive invitations to further presentations from organisers of various scientific events around the world.

It is human need of defence against psychical violence and aggression (exhibited by millions of individuals and whole societies) that is in particular the underlying cause of this phenomenon. Innovative agonology offers a variety of attractive, repeatedly revised and effective methods of prevention and kinesiotherapy (i.e. self-defence, safe falling and avoiding collision techniques, health-related training) related to motor safety. However one question prevails – how to defend oneself against psychical violence and aggression (and against intellectual and institutional violence, especially in Internet)?

Paradoxically, although it is an independent tool used to communicate (or seemingly to expand freedom), mobile Internet turned out to be a two-edged sword. As can be witnessed with the naked eye on the street, in the subway, at the supermarket – everywhere – many of us have become slaves of smartphones. People enslaved to a toxic syndrome of power, which ensures expansion of domination of their own and of specific interest groups, without scruples, use this tool towards smartphone users susceptible to different addictions, who without this technology are helpless, miserable, and frustrated. This is the first step to manipulate the population on a large scale.

Ubiquitous hate deprives even more vulnerable people of their dignity, from a micro to macro scale. Neogladiatorship is a significant symbol of the destructive interpretation of law – trade in human dignity is allowed in this civilisation. In order to meet the need to experience aggression of others, some people locked up in cages butcher each other, media deceive the public that MMA is a sport. This pathology is not noticed by animal rights defenders and ecologists – likewise the problem remains beyond perception of the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Olympic Committee (IOC), religious leaders, heads of the most powerful countries, Nobel Laureates and celebrities.

In the civilisation interpretation of the law, individuals and entire nations armed with mobile tools ensuring seemingly independent communication, have only little chance of the effective defence of their own dignity. Innovative agonology is an applied science and ignoring its intellectual potential and scopes of application is tantamount to placing of an alternative civilisation of truth, dignity and honour, a priori, among utopia.

The first book in the series "Innovative Agonology in Practice" will be published in Polish under the title "Professors Empire of Wickedness. Innovative agonology in counteracting intellectual violence and institutional violence" (this is a loose translation into English).

The Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education announced in media that more than 30,000 young Poles, some with Ph.D. degree, who are predestined to scientific careers, have left the country since 2004. It is estimated that approximately 20,000 scientists (professors of Polish descent) work in the USA alone. This is the result of emigration which began during the Second World War, during which Germans and Soviets exterminated Polish intelligentsia. Germans exiled Polish professors or confined them to concentration camps, and Soviets murdered more than 20,000 Polish officers in Katyn and other death camps.

"Do not miss the decisive moment of struggle" – this is one of agonology directives. This is happening now. In spring 2014, in Poland preventive censorship, being one of the most heinous ways of social exclusion, has been applied to the Editor-in-Chief Archives of Budo (completely independent scientific journal). This censorship has been applied by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal subsidised from the state budget and devoted to an open debate about matters of science and higher education. It is continued by public officials of the highest national authorities. Concurrently (since 2014) long-timers and elite of the youngest generation of the “professorial aristocracy” have commenced a disgraceful attack on the editors of Archives of Budo (Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor, members of Editorial Boards, authors of publications in Archives of Budo, and at the same time candidates for a postdoctoral degree or professorial title). After nearly a four-year fight against this pathology, the author of the "Professors Empire of Wickedness" has exhausted possible counteraction methods guaranteed by law and codes of administrative procedure, codes of ethics applicable to a scientist and published principles of decency in science (which, unfortunately, are not rooted in a post-communist society).

“The professorial aristocracy” is a product of the communist totalitarianism. Poles, left in the Soviet area of influence, were given by Joseph Stalin the Central Qualification Commission (1951). When canons became silent, and mass murders and deportations to Siberia became more difficult, this was the most effective method of institutional violence to thwart the creation of actual elites among the most talented and morally impeccable youth. The most frightening is that numerous Poles of such virtues have been removed from science and replaced with apparent elites eager to engage in corruption and all wickedness for 67 years due to this “Professorial aristocracy”. This briefest explanation of the reasons for an ongoing emigration of the most creative Poles with high intellectual potential and defence against this pathology is provided by one person, who is the author of "Professors Empire of Wickedness" and the former (2005) and current Editor-in-Chief of Archives of Budo.

Any centralisation over time will engender pathologies. Such ”Aristocracy” and methods still being improved by post-communist long-timers are the most destructive and far-reaching legacy of communism. ”Intellectual violence used by a person with the highest official scientific qualifications, but deprived of moral qualifications turns into a form institutional violence being most dangerous for civilisation – and scientists play the main roles in such practices. The empirical layer of this book provides evidence that the effects of intellectual violence towards certain units only apparently apply to a microscale; they can even reach the macroscale” (quote from "Professors Empire of Wickedness", part I).

When you click on a window Archives of Budo "Archives of Budo Books" posted on the editorial page of Archives of Budo, you will see the book cover along with the prologue. This is the only sensible manner to reach a number of people who speak mainly or only Polish. The prestige of the journal should at this stage guarantee that book contents meet the reliability criteria. The author of the book and editors of Archives of Budo trust that each smartphone owner (provided that such person is honest, sensitive, responsible, capable of accepting the assumption that alternative civilization of truth, dignity and honour is not a utopia but a chance to prevent the prospects of being self-defeated) will properly use this technological curiosity. Such person will use mobile Internet in a manner worthy of a man – he or she will generate interest in the prologue of the "Professors Empire of Wickedness" among the largest number of Polish-speaking readers.

Before publishing the full edition "Professors Empire of Wickedness", everyone interested in innovative agonology will find the largest number of scientific publications in Archives of Budo. All of them are open access.


Bartlomiej Barczynski                                                                   Roman Maciej Kalina
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