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Dear Colleagues,

The 2016 edition of Journal Citation Reports® brought excellent news for Archives of Budo in 2017.

The journal achieved the highest Impact Factor in history   IF = 1.506

We are very pleased that the citation statistics confirm top impact and visibility for Archives of Budo. We would like to emphasize that the ambitions and achievements of Archives of Budo extend well beyond the publication of papers with impact citations. The peer review and constant discussion of manuscripts, careful diagnosis and composed assessment have awarded our efforts, what has not been available without precise strategy, clear philosophy, autonomy and competences.

We thank editors, reviewers, authors and other members of Editorial Board for their support. We hope that you will keep up your support to Archives of Budo and efforts to foster and improve reliability, quality, accuracy and integrity.

With best regards,

Bartlomiej Barczynski                                                                  Roman Maciej Kalina
Deputy Editor                                                                                Editor-in-Chief


Dear Readers,

Archives of Budo together with the family of journals: Archives of Budo Science of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports, and Archives of Budo Conference Proceedings is now developing!

Archives of Budo has always cared about the publishing standards, editorial content, quality of papers, international diversity of authorship, accessibility and visibility. This requires constant improvement of editorial procedures, long-sighted unconventional thinking as well as support of electronic tools in everyday submission, peer-review and publishing tasks.

Starting in 2016, we launched a new website, which is now fully operational, provides better reading experience. Navigation thought the website is easier, faster and more intuitive. We have retained the existing features (appreciated by readers) and redesigned website content for readers’ better visibility (core one and aspirational). As the reorganization could have hampered communication between the authors of manuscripts and Editorial Office, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience.

Addressing primarily substantive issues, we have decided introduce a new section Prophylactic and Therapeutic Agonology. This section will involve (theoretical and empirical) papers devoted to the science about struggle in prophylactic and therapeutic dimension. Surprisingly, promotion of agonology (as the unknown science) which had been planned before coincided with an attempt to destroy Archives of Budo as an independent institution. Independent of a large and influential group of professors who claim the right to control scientific promotions in a democratic country by means typical for a totalitarian system. This is not a hypothesis, but a discovered truth.

A struggle (as any other) in defence of scientists’ freedom is an issue related to agonology. Global society has the right to know about such phenomenon in 21 c. in the centre of Europe. The reason for that is obvious ­ there should be no idea in any part of the world or in anyone’s head to implement such standards to promote scientists. Such reason is even more important, as the originators made the greatest common good a subject of violence and verbal aggression ­ directly an independent subject of science and indirectly peace.

The most general mission of the Archives of Budo is, after all, providing global society with scientific knowledge about broadly understood struggle in health and utilitarian dimension. Reduction of human aggressiveness as well as violence and aggression in human relations are nowadays one of the most significant issues related to public health, quality of life, personal safety, etc.

The very first article is devoted to this issue. This one and the following ones will be edited in such a way that apart from cognitive value they have educational and preventive mission. If the scientists attack other scientists, not to mention extremely unworthy manner, there is no difficulty in pointing out other professional groups in which such relations take place every day. Knowledge – supported by empirical arguments – about identification of potential offenders as well as ways and methods for effective prevention of violence and aggression is useful for everyone.

We are pleased with our success related to obtaining the Impact Factor 1.506, being a direct evidence of development of the journal, which becomes more and more recognized by the community of scientists around the world (constant annual increase in citations) and which confirms the sense of our mission and vision. Thus, we are convinced that scientific integrity remains the crucial factor contributing to the journal’s success. This often requires a profound insight, knowledge, experience and time needed to accurately assess and validate the originality of the papers and their importance for the subject, even at the cost of a lengthy processing time.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all reviewers, editorial board members, advisers and above all our readers very happy and successful new year. We hope that you will continue to support Archives of Budo as well as to make efforts to foster and improve reliability, quality, accuracy and integrity. We are convinced that the Archives of Budo is a significant journal in your professional work, thus feel free to send us your manuscripts so that we may have the opportunity to assess and publish them.

With best regards,


Bartlomiej Barczynski                                                                   Roman Maciej Kalina
Deputy Editor                                                                                 Editor-in-Chief