2012, Volume 8, Issue 2

Spectators’ behaviour from the view of security forces in sport competitions

Fikret Ramazanoğlu1

1Physical Education and Sport School, Sakarya University, Sakarya, Turkey

Author for correspondence: Fikret Ramazanoğlu; Physical Education and Sport School, Sakarya University, Sakarya, Turkey; email: framazanoglu[at]sakarya.edu.tr

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Background and Study Aim: Due to the aggressiveness of sport spectators, during their encounter with the security forces the emotions are released and as a result violence often emerges in matches. The purpose of this study is to analyse the spectators’ behaviours from the view of the security forces and to develop effective solutions to prevent negative behaviours of the spectators with the use of the data obtained.
Material and Methods: 147 individuals, who are working in the Elazığ Police Department and especially those working in sport competitions took part in the study. The interviewees were asked face to face questions from a questionnaire prepared in advance. The questionnaire was composed of eighteen questions with yes, no and partially answers. The findings were provided as per cent results.
Results: The individuals believe that: spectators under the influence of alcohol should not be allowed to attend games, which would prevent fanatic behaviours (72.8%), fanatic spectators cause more problems for the security forces in the event of losing a match (61.9%), the attitude of the media increases fanaticism (67.3%), cheerleaders increase the fanaticism and negative behaviours (62.6%), referees are also a factor triggering negative behaviours of the fanatics (49.7%).
Conclusions: Security forces reckon that the first precaution against the negative behaviours of the fanatic spectators should include forbidding fanatic spectators to enter the stadiums (27%), educating the spectators (25.1%), making the spectators aware of their behaviours (18%) and as a last resort, using force (14.5%) with arrest (15.4%).

Key words: fanatic behaviour, security forces, spectators, sport