2011, Volume 7, Issue 3

The shot put performance as a marker of expolisive strength in polish amateur boxers. A pilot study

Zbigniew Obmiński1, Lech Borkowski2, Waldemar Sikorski3

1Department of Endocrinology, Institute of Sport, Warsaw, Poland
2Department of Physiology, Institute of Sport, Warsaw, Poland
3College of Sport Trainers, Warsaw, Poland

Author for correspondence: Zbigniew Obmiński; Department of Endocrinology, Institute of Sport, Warsaw, Poland; email: zbigniew.obminski[at]insp.waw.pl

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Background and Study Aim: The shot put performance was utilized as an useful field-test of specific explosive strength in boxers. It was assumed, that type of motion undergoing during the shot put is similar to that during execution of punch. The relationships among length of the throws, body mass and blood testosterone were examined in female and male boxers.
Material and Methods: Polish right-handed boxers, seven females and seven males were subjected to this study. Capillary blood was sampled for assessment serum testosterone, prior to the test. After warm- up, technical instruction how to perform the test, and after some preliminary attempts, each subject performed seven shot puts by right and seven ones by left hand, involving his/her maximal physical ability.
Results: There were no clear relationship between absolute results and body mass in females, but relative results (length of throw distance/body mass) attained by right or left hand strongly declined with body mass. Among males boxers better absolute outcomes were recorded with body mass. Moreover, the males demonstrated better results than did females. As predicted, shot put results were significantly better when performed by right hands. The explosive strength did not depend on testosterone levels within each of the examined group.
Conclusions: Execution of seven successive shot puts seems to be useful field test for qualitative rating of strength of punch in boxers.

Key words: boxing, explosive strength, gender, punching, shot put