2011, Volume 7, Issue 2

Tradition of physical exercises and martial arts in actors' education

Jan Harasymowicz1

1Paweł Włodkowic University College, Płock, Poland

Author for correspondence: Jan Harasymowicz; Paweł Włodkowic University College, Płock, Poland; email: janharasymowicz[at]wp.pl

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This article is an attempt to provide a synthetic explanation of the phenomenon of the application of movement exercises and martial arts to the actors’ educational process. The author draws attention to the importance of exercise and physical fitness in acting and brings us closer to the views of the performing arts most outstanding educators and reformers. The author examines the relationship between the actor’s body expression and martial arts, explains why ideas about using the body and training methods from Far Eastern martial arts aroused great interest among prominent actors, directors and acting school teachers.

Key words: actors’ education, martial arts, movement exercises