2011, Volume 7, Issue 1

Causes and types of injuries during ippon-seoi-nage throw

Wojciech Rukasz1, Stanisław Sterkowicz1, Artur Kłys1

1Department of the Theory and Methodology of Combat Sport, University School of Physical Education in Cracow, Cracow, Poland

Author for correspondence: Wojciech Rukasz; Department of the Theory and Methodology of Combat Sport, University School of Physical Education in Cracow, Cracow, Poland; email: wrukasz[at]poczta.fm

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Background and Study Aim: The purpose of this study was to assess the kind and causes of the injury profile of senior male judoka competing at the international level during ippon-seoi-nage throw.
Material and Methods: Subjects consisted of 52 competitors participating in the Olympic Games, World and European Championships and Polish National Individual Judo Championships. The so-called epidemiological standardized medical history were used in this study. Simple check-off forms were used to collect the injury data, including injury type, location, and mechanism.
Results: Competitors sustained 448 injuries in total. Sixty-five injuries happened during the ippon-seoi-nage throw. It was found that: mostly appeared to be sprains of the knee joint during the execution of the ippon-seoi-nage throw, 2) the most frequent cause of injuries was during sports contests, 3) injuries mostly occurred in a competitor who was attacking on ippon-seoi-nage, 4) there is a high risk of repeated injuries during the ippon-seoi-nage throw mostly caused by too quick a resumption of physical activities after the sustained trauma.
Conclusions: Possible applications of this work are preventive actions against injuries. Coaches should use this more to exactly identify the mechanisms of injuries. We would like emphasize that routine post-trauma treatment and rehabilitation procedures restore judoka to fitness only to some degree. From the trainer’s perspective, it has been suggested that it is necessary and indispensable to individualize and modify the training course process of the judoka who had accidents.

Key words: injuries, ippon-seoi-nage throw, judo