2011, Volume 7, Issue 1

Anxiety, self-esteem and competition ranking of judokas

Hakan Kolayis1, Ihsan Sarı1

1Sakarya University, School of Physical Education and Sport, Sakarya, Turkey

Author for correspondence: Hakan Kolayis; Sakarya University, School of Physical Education and Sport, Sakarya, Turkey; email: hkolayis[at]sakarya.edu.tr

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Background and Study Aim: The aim of this study was anxiety, self-esteem, self-confidence levels and competition ranking of Turkish judokas, the relationship of these variables with competition ranking.
Material and Methods: This study was conducted in Senior Men Turkish Judo Championship with 126 judokas. CSAI-2 (Competitive State Anxiety Inventory, STAI (State Trait Anxiety Inventory, Cooper Smith Self-esteem Inventory were used for data collection. The data was analyzed in SPSS 13.0 package program.
Results: t-test results showed that there was not a significant difference between males and females according to their state anxiety, cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety, self-confidence and self-esteem points. Moreover, there was a correlation between cognitive anxiety and state anxiety, somatic anxiety and state anxiety and somatic anxiety and cognitive anxiety. Results also showed that there was a negative significant correlation between the variables of self-confidence and state anxiety, self- confidence and cognitive anxiety, self- confidence and somatic anxiety. Competition ranking was not found to be correlation with any of the variables excluding education level.
Conclusions: Self-esteem and anxiety points did not significantly differ according to gender. It was found that educational level significantly correlated with competition ranking and state-anxiety.

Key words: anxiety, competition ranking, judokas, self-confidence, self-esteem