2010, Volume 6, Issue 1

Sports massage and local cryotherapy as a way to reduce negative effects of rapid weight loss among kickboxing contestants

Dariusz Boguszewski1, Ewelina Kwapisz1

1Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland

Author for correspondence: Dariusz Boguszewski; Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland; email: dboguszewski[at]wum.edu.pl

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Background and Study Aim: Kickboxing is a sport which assumes the division into weight categories. The purpose of the research was to establish how many contestants reduce their body weight before start, and whether classic massage and local cryotherapy help to minimize negative effects of rapid weight loss.
Material and Methods: The research covered 9 women and 16 men performing kickboxing. The research method was author’s questionnaire and chosen tests of motor fitness by Denisiuk.
Results: In selected groups 33% of contestants reduce their body weight in the pre-start period before every competitions. This reduction, in average, amounts to 4.07% at men and 3.93% at women. The most commonly applied body weight reduction methods included reducing the amount of food and liquids, increased physical activity and procedures in the sauna. During the reduction of body weight, contestants felt deterioration of mood, smaller strength and endurance, and headaches. Functional trials performed during rapid weight loss pointed to regression of results connected with the process of reduction. Massage and local cryotherapy allowed to maintain results of a relatively consistent level, connected to the result preceding the reduction.
Conclusions: The reduction of body weight before championships turned out to be common practice. The methods of reducing body weight in short time negatively influence the mood of contestants, which may lead to the deterioration of their effort capabilities, and what follows, weaker sports results. The use of massage and cryotherapy allows to maintain strength on a level close to the one before the reduction.

Key words: kickboxing, local cryotherapy, massage, rapid weight loss