2009, Volume 5, Issue 1

Health-Oriented Attitudes in Amateur Sumo Wrestlers

Maria Nowak1, Małgorzata Kitowska1, Tadeusz Rynkiewicz1, Joanna Kuriańska-Woloszyn1, Piotr Żurek1, Mateusz Rynkiewicz1

1Extramural Department of Physical Education in Gorzow Wielkopolski of the Poznan Physical Education Academy, Poznan, Poland

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Background and Study Aim: Amateur sumo is one of rather few sports which can provide overweight and obese individuals with an opportunity to exercise their bodies, mold attitudes and learn a value system. The goal of this research was to identify healthoriented attitudes in sumo wrestlers depending on their age category.
Material and Methods: Researched subjects were wrestlers of the following four sumo categories: cadets (n=25), juniors (n=18), pre-seniors (n=11) and seniors (n = 18), who were put through a diagnostic survey, requested to fill in a questionnaire, and evaluated against the PRO-ZET attitude scale. For purposes of statistical inference an analysis of variance was used and results of the F test, the NIR test and Tukey’s RIR test for unequal n’s were given.
Results: The above research techniques and statistical methods allowed successful identification of health-oriented attitudes in sumo wrestlers. The highest average rates of the General Attitude Indicator and of the formal components indicate that it is juniors that had their health-oriented attitudes developed to the fullest. This was confirmed by thefact that in juniors the content-related elements, such as health education and physical activity, were also better developed. In health control and treatment juniors’ and pre-seniors’ attitudes were comparable.
Conclusions: Our research into the health-oriented attitudes in sumo wrestlers showed that the cognitive element of the attitude takes precedence over the behavioral one, hence an urgent need to properly mold health-oriented habits in young people in order to prepare them to perform a variety of social roles in different areas of adult life.

Key words: age category, amateur sumo, attitude, champion, health