2009, Volume 5, Issue 1

Structure of personality of person training ju-jitsu and wrestling

Artur Litwiniuk1, Agnieszka Daniluk1, Wojciech J. Cynarski2, Ejgil Jespersen3

1Faculty of Physical Education, Józef Pilsudski Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Biała Podlaska, Poland
2University of Rzeszów, Faculty of Physical Education, Rzeszów, Poland
3Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway

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Background and Study Aim: Research into personality in psychology of sport has been done for a long time yet a lot of conclusions drawn from the research are contradictory. The aim of this study was to investigate the type and structure of personality in persons training wrestling and jujitsu.
Material and Methods: Sixty seven persons representing combat sport (wrestling, jujitsu) took part in research. The type and structure of personality were measure by Questionnaire of Personality of Eysenck
Results: Among the investigated group of person, the B type of personality is dominant (56,25% ju-jitsu and 69% wrestling), which is based on sensible approach to life. More than half of the examined wrestlers (62.5%) are extroverts and (25%) are ambiverts, totally different in the midst of ju-jitsu contestants.
Conclusions: Proper and regular combat sports training creates positive traits and types of personality and influences stability and emotional balance so necessary in sports competitions and a lot of life situations.

Key words: ju-jitsu, personality, wrestling