2009, Volume 5, Issue 1

An Examination of a Tactical Learning Model in Kendo for Introduction Courses

Satoro Honda1

1Fukuoka University of Education

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Background and Study Aim: To develop a learning model in kendo for introduction courses that encourages participants to understand the competitive and cultural essences of kendo through tactical learning. by doing this, this study also aimed to present material that is of use for introducing or improving introduction courses to encourage beginers to become regular attendees/practitioners in clubs.
Material and Methods: The regulations of kendo matches and various studies on the structure of kendo skills were used to interpret ideas of 'waza' in kendo and clarify the competitive and cultural essences of kendo. this was followed by discussions of why learning tactics is important in acquiring waza, and developing a new learning model for kendo by referring to teaching models of games and kendo.
Results: A new learning model for kendo introduction courses that consists of seven lessons was presented as well as how to provide learning situations in which participants are encouraged to understand the competitive and cultural essences of kendo through learning tactics in each learning stage.
Conclusions: Kendo is 'something new' for many non-Japanese people, In introduction courses, therefore, it is necessary to provide not only the basic techniques, but also opportunities to understand the original competitive and cultural characteristics of kendo. This study has presented a new learning model to achieve this aim. However, this model needs to be improved and developed through practice and implementation in the future.

Key words: introduction course, kendo, learning model, tactics, waza