2008, Volume 4, Issue 1

Report on “4th International Symposium Youth Sport 2008. The Heart of Europe” held on November 14-16, 2008 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bartłomiej Jan Barczyński1, Jerzy Kulasa2

1Index Copernicus International S.A., Warsaw, Poland
2Faculty of Physical Education, University of Rzeszów, Rzeszów, Poland

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14-16, November 2008 in Ljubljana, Slovenia took a place “4th International Symposium Youth Sport 2008. The Heart of Europe” organized by Faculty of Sport of University of Ljubljana, Slovenian Research Agency, and Foundation for Sport. The symposium enabled to present and to acquaint with results and views on the topic of sport and physical education, to exchange opinion on youth lifestyle, sport activities, education, psychology, efforts, and successes. The symposium gathered participants from all around the Europe, mainly from Slovenia but also from Iran and South Africa. Agenda comprised of four thematic areas focused on Competitive Youth Sport, Medical Aspects of Youth Sport, Youth Lifestyles, and Physical Education for Younger Children. During three days presented around 100 lectures and presentations by scientists, teachers, and proficient experts of sport and physical education.

Key words: physical education, scientists networking, youth sport