2008, Volume 4, Issue 1

Sport preferences survey - future of martial arts

Michal Kudláček1

1Center for kinanthropology research, Palacky University, Faculty of physical culture, Olomouc, Czech Republic

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Background and Study Aim: The awareness of the positive effect of active and healthy lifestyle in the adolescent population should be a main priority. Coaches, instructors, and teachers should know the structure of sport preferences of their athletes and should try to improve their programs by popular content and interesting forms of presentation.
Material nad Methods: We have used two questionnaires: 1. sport preferences questionnaire, 2. international physical activity questionnaire (IPAQ). The statistical analysis was carried out with Mann-Whitney U-test and Spearman correlation coefficient. The preparation of this research methods (online form of questionnaire), which will uncover the structure of sport preferences, is useful for consecutive interventions.
Results: Acquired results indicate, that differences of sport activities between boys and girls are not so obvious. The most preferred sport activities in boys are – soccer, ice hockey, basketball, cycling, snowboarding, and skating (in-line). The most preferred sport activities in girls are – aerobics, volleyball, cycling, horse riding, basketball, snowboarding, and skating (in-line). Boys are more active than girls are. Boys reached 4,992 MET-minutes/weeks, while girls reached 4,246 MET-minutes/weeks.
Conclusions: The online form of survey was effective in school environment. Acquired data allow reappraise efficiency of current sport facilities and offered sport programs. Acquired results in context with real status and conditions in given area can increase total amount of physical activity. The most preferred martial arts in boys are – kick-boxing, boxing, karate, kung-fu, and taekwon-do. The most preferred martial arts in girls are – karate, kickboxing, judo, and boxing. This research is part of international project INDARES.COM (http://www.indares.com). INDARES.COM is a complex on-line system focused on recording, analyzing, and comparing of data concerning physical activity of its users. The purpose of INDARES.COM project is to support education and research in the field of physical activity. It is also aiming at increasing users´ knowledgebase in physical activity issues and at providing means to improve their life-style. INDARES.COM system has been developed in cooperation with the Center for Kinanthropology Research at Faculty of Physical Culture of Palacký University in Olomouc, the Czech Republic.

Key words: leisure-time physical activity, lifestyle, research - education, youth