2008, Volume 4, Issue 1

Teaching of safe falling as most effective element of personal injury prevention in people regardless of gender, age and type of body build – the use of advanced information technologies to monitor the effects of education

Roman Maciej Kalina1, Bartomiej J Barczyński2, Wladyslaw Jagiełło3, Bartosz Przeździecki4, Artur Kruszewski5, Jan Harasymowicz6, Joanna Syska6, Katarzyna Szamotulska7

1Faculty of Physical Education, Rzeszow University, Rzeszow, Poland
2Index Copernicus International S.A., Warsaw, Poland
3Academy of Physical Education and Sport, Gdańsk, Poland
4Finchley Memorial Hospital, London, United Kingdom
5Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland
6Paweł Włodkowic University College, Płock, Poland
7Institute Mother and Child, Warsaw, Poland

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Background and Study Aim: Loss of balance, fall and collision with the ground or vertical obstacle can be the cause of personal injury and even death. The aim of this study is verifi cation the following hypothesis: if methodical and educational standards are met, gender, age, and body build are not factors limiting the effectiveness of learning safe falling.
Material and Methods: The researches covered 688 people between 19 and 55 year old, who made four different in structure (but not in content) programs of combat sports propaedeutics – basic of judo (CSP-BJ). It used a specifi c test of making safe falls.
Results: The structure of the CSP-BJ had no infl uence on the educational effects. At average similar safe falling motor competence level, the oldest students follow activities the most slowly. Weak but statistically significant correlation is between age and a test of making safe falls and between Rohrerindex and the test result only in a group of students where was the greatest diversity of age (spread 32 years).
Conclusions: Empirical data authorize to the general conclusion that verifi ed the hypothesis is true. Monitoring the phenomenon in so-called virtual research group can accelerate implementation of a system of universal teaching of safe falls and increase the effectiveness of prevention of physical injury in a macro scale.
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Key words: index copernicus, prevention of injuries, safe falling down, test of making safe falls, virtual research groups