2008, Volume 4, Issue 1

Counter techniques against Judo: the process of forming Aikido in 1930s

Fumiaki Shishida1

1Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

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This article will clarify the process of forming aikido in 1930s through analyzing Ueshiba’s 147 counter techniques against judo. This analysis based upon Takeshita’s notes Kon, which were written between spring 1930 and winter 1931. The Kon is a 252-page set of notes, which have not been studied in the academic literature regarding aikido in Japan despite it has been known among aikido practitioners. These notes contain 1,095 techniques classifi ed into 39 forms of fi ghting [2]. Author focus on 147 techniques described as “Tai judo” or counter techniques against judo.

Key words: daito-ryu, isamu takeshita, kenji tomiki, kito-ryu, morihei ueshiba