2007, Volume 3, Issue 1

The importance of judo trainers’ professional activities

Stanislaw Sterkowicz1, Jose Manuel Garcià Garcià2, Ferran Suay i Lerma3

1Department of the Theory and Methodology of Combat Sports, Cracow Academy of Physical Education, Poland
2University Castilla La Mancha, Spain
3University of Valencia, Spain

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Background and Study Aim: A personnel training is an essential component in the prevention of breakdowns in the training system for the competitive sports. The results of tests carried out on trainers have led to the premise that the focus of the synthesis of the training syllabus taught in the specialist instruction for trainers at sport institution should be on the trainer’s professional activities. The aim of this study was to establish the importance of the coaches professional activities for success in judo.
Material and Methods: We analyzed opinion of 30 trainers participated in international judo course (Malaga, 10-14, July 2001). Their average age was 34.6 years and their experience as a judo coach was 12.2 years. They were asked for their opinions concerning factors, which are the key to success (in percentages), and in addition about 20 types of trainers’ professional activities.
Results: A technical schooling mostly contributed to sports result. The next factors were psychological and tactical preparation. Planning the training process and control over competitor’s technical schooling were the most important among 20 professional activities.
Conclusions: In conclusion, the information collected and processed should be updated and made accessible to future generations of judoists, thus assisting in a rational educational process for trainers in this sport.

Key words: education, judo trainer, syllabus