2007, Volume 3, Issue 1

The experience of the scientific basing of the time resources for military service men training in hand-to-hand fighting

Sergey Ashkinazi1

1P. Lesgaft State Academy of Physical Education, St. Petersburg, Russia

Author for correspondence: Sergey Ashkinazi; P. Lesgaft State Academy of Physical Education, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Background and Study Aim: The specially conducted complex of researches was aiming to give reply to two questions at the same time: about the time necessary for acquiring the skills in hand-to-hand fi ghting and about the methods of objective estimation of such skills.
Material and Methods: Hand to hand fi ghting readiness check was complex and included three varieties of hand to hand combats: 1) combat of an unarmed with a knife armed opponent; 2) combat of an unarmed with an opponent armed with a submachine gun with bayonet; 3) bayonet combat. The criteria of the estimate were developed on the basis of the probabilistic-statisticapproach. The combats were held in protective equipment and with special weapon models. We have estimated the 4 year dynamic of skills and abilities forming of soldiers and cadets of the Military Institute of Physical Culture after 10, 20, 28, 76 and 148 hours of training. 25 soldiers and 30 cadets were picked for this research (who were not single combats), attended not less than 75% of training sessions.
Results: Extrapolation and interpolation were held according to the models and the training results forecast was conducted in dependence on time and conditions of training.
Conclusions: 1. Concentrated character of training, especially in initial period. 2. Realization of rules of dynamic, tactic, psychological and effective compliance in training with special models of weapon and protective equipment usage in combats. 3. Extreme atmosphere making when conducting combats in pairs. 4. It is necessary to plan 10-15% half-conditional combats from total training time on the initial period and not less then 20-25% when mastering.

Key words: hand-to-hand fighting, military service men, physical training with tactic preparation