2007, Volume 3, Issue 1

The change of pelvis placement at children under influence of aikido training

Andrzej Mroczkowski1, Ewaryst Jaskólski2

1Physical Education Departament, University of Zielona Góra, Poland
2Chair of Methodology of Sport Disciplines, Wrocław University School of Physical Education, Poland

Author for correspondence: Andrzej Mroczkowski; Physical Education Departament, University of Zielona Góra, Poland; email: amroczkowski[at]eranet.pl

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Background and Study Aim: The aim of the paper was to examine the infl uence of aikido exercises on pelvis placement in the frontal plane at children.
Material and Methods: The subject of investigation were boys with asymmetry of placement of back hip spurs and with indication to apply heel pads on the side of pelvis lowering in the frontal plane. Alsoboys at whom the threat of slanting pelvis in the frontal plane due to scoliosis was recognized, were qualifi ed for investigation. Altogether, 202 children in age 7-10 years participated in experiment and all of them were divided into three groups. The experimental groupconsisted of 68 boys who practiced aikido. The remaining ones constituted two control groups. The measurements were taken with Posturometre- S in 2002/2003 school year.
Results: The pelvis position in frontal plane improvement has been the most signifi cant in the experimental group.
Conclusions: It was confi rmed that practicing aikido improved pelvis placement in the frontal plane by reducing asymmetry of the back hips spurs and infl uenced the gradual reduction of heel pad insertions on the side of pelvis lowering in the frontal plane in the experimentalgroup. At children with no indication for heel pads at the beginning of the experiment, aikido exercises resulted in the lowest percentage of heel pads indication in the experimental group. Similarly, at children without asymmetry of back hips spurs at the beginning of theinvestigation, the increase of asymmetry was also the smallest in the experimental group.

Key words: aikido, pelvis, scoliosis