2006, Volume 2, Issue 1

Effects of aikido exercises on lateral spine curvatures in children

Andrzej Mroczkowski1, Ewaryst Jaskólski2

1Complex of Technical Schools, Koło, Poland
2Chair of Methodology of Sports, University School of Physical Education, Wrocław, Poland

Author for correspondence: Andrzej Mroczkowski; Complex of Technical Schools, Koło, Poland; email: amroczkowski[at]eranet.pl

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Background and Study Aim: To examine the effects of aikido exercises on the angles of lateral spinal curvature in frontal plane in cases of scoliosis.
Material and Methods: A group of 202 boys aged 7 – 10 years participated in the study. They were divided in 3 groups: experimental (subjected to aikido exercises; n = 68), corrective (subjected to conventional corrective exercises; n = 75) and control (no corrective exercises; n = 59). Children with and without scoliosis were studied; those without scoliosis had slanting pelvis in the frontal plane. Posturometric measurements were conducted in 2002/2003.
Results: The decrease of the angle of lateral spinal curvature was obtained in experimental and corrective groups.
Conclusions: The applied aikido exercises reduced the lateral spinal curvature in scoliotic children. In the nonscoliotic ones, the increased spinal angle was significantly smaller than in control groups.

Key words: aikido, scoliosis, spinal curvatures