2005, Volume 1, Issue 1

Training of psychomotor adaptation – a key factorin teaching self-defence

Jan Harasymowicz1, Roman M. Kalina2

1Paweł Włodkowic University College, Płock, Poland
2Academy of Physical Education, Warsaw, Poland

Author for correspondence: Jan Harasymowicz; Paweł Włodkowic University College, Płock, Poland

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The paper discusses the principal elements of training the psychomotor adaptation, as a partof a modern concept of self-defence. Such training contains methods and means of a general as well as of a composite but specific preparation for hand-to-hand fights. General training consists of improving mental disposition and motor skills (fitness and co ordination), or maintaining them at a certain level, the specific one consisting of applying physical and mental (including the intellectual ones) stimuli as part of the psychomotor adaptation training. The exercises used in that latter training were classified into 15 categories arranged so that the highest category numbers correspond to greatest concordance of given motor task to real situation (a defensive action). Thus, number 15 corresponds to simulated defensive fights of one against a group of attackers.

Key words: martial arts, psychomotor adaptation, self-defence, training