2005, Volume 1, Issue 1

Morphological, physiological and technical variablesin high-level college judoists

Emerson Franchini1, Monica Yuri Takito2, Rômulo Cássio Moraes Bertuzzi2

1Faculty of Physical Education, Presbyterian University Mackenzie, Barueri, Brak
2School of Physical Education and Sport, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Author for correspondence: Emerson Franchini; Faculty of Physical Education, Presbyterian University Mackenzie, Barueri, Brak; email: emersonfranchini[at]hotmail.com

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Background and Study Aim: To establish the relations between the following variables: (1) morphological – body weight (BW) and percent body fat (%BF); (2) physiological – performance and blood lactate (LA) after two upperbody Wingate tests (2WT), performance and LA after the Special Judo Fitness Test (SJFT),LA before and after a 5-min judo combat simulation; (3) technique and tactic actions – number ofattacks (NA), type of techniques, number of different techniques applied and time structure.
Material and Methods: Thirteen elite college male judoists took part in the study. They were subjected to two bouts of arm Wingate test, a Special Judo Fitness Test (SJFT) and to a simulated combat. Conventional performance variables and numbers of specific actions were recorded. Body fat percentage was determined by skinfold technique.
Results: Relative total work output in two arm Wingate tests, numbers of throws executed in SJFT andnumbers of attacks in a combat were significantly, negatively correlated with body fat percentage(r = –0.87 ÷ -0.70). Many performance variables were also significantly intercorrelated and correlated with blood lactate.
Conclusions: The arm technique was correlated with blood lactate after combat, suggesting a higher physiological requirement of this type of technique. Morphological and physiological variables, andtechnical actions during combat, were intercorrelated. Thus, it seems that improving any ofthese variables could help to improve the other ones.

Key words: blood lactate, judo, special judo fitness test, wingate test