2015, Volume 11, Issue 1

Interests in mobile activity forms of persons practicing judo

Andrzej Rokita1, Wiesław Błach1, Marcin Ściślak1

1University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw, Poland

Author for correspondence: Marcin Ściślak; University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw, Poland; email: marcin.scislak[at]awf.wroc.pl

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Background and Study Aim: One of the most important and conscious human activities taken up in order to satisfy needs to play or compete is a sport. It is expressed by, inter alia, exercises and games carried out according to certain rules. For persons who practice specific sports not only competition itself is significant.  In martial arts, particularly in judo we can observe profound humanistic concepts and a way of perfecting one’s personality by constant studies, which results from training obligations. Taking into consideration the increasing trends of interests in martial arts during the recent years, we decided to diagnose these interests in a group of persons practicing judo. A practical aim was the usage of the research results in planning and organising judo classes. We verified the hypothesis that interests in mobile activity forms of persons practicing judo depend upon their sex and age.
Material and Methods: Subjects of our research were persons practicing judo (from juniors to seniors). We diagnosed interests in mobile activity forms of 72 persons (15 women and 57 men). The basic research method was a diagnostic opinion poll and the technique was a survey. For the purpose of determining interests in mobile activity forms we used a standardized survey questionnaire: ‘Interests in the scope of physical mobile activity’.
Results: Women were mostly interested in martial arts and aerobic. Men preferred martial arts in the first place. There were other forms that enjoyed popularity such as athletics, tourism as well as other forms of mobile activity.
Conclusions: If physical education classes satisfy the students’ interests in mobile activity, it seems that it is highly probable that some positive attitudes towards physical culture and sport shall be formed in students in the course of the process.

Key words: combat sport, martial arts, physical culture