2015, Volume 11, Issue 1

Motor safety of a man during a fall

Andrzej Mroczkowski1

1Department of Physical Education, University of Zielona Góra, Poland, Poland

Author for correspondence: Andrzej Mroczkowski; Department of Physical Education, University of Zielona Góra, Poland, Poland; email: a.mroczkowski[at]wnps.uz.zgora.pl

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The purpose of the present work is to review the key research methods as well as the existing knowledge of biomechanics on human motor safety when during a fall. The second goal of the paper is a biomechanical analysis of falls performed in a rotational motion on the ground, by reference of the movement of a man to a car wheel rolling. The analysis leads to the conclusion that during such a fall the energy of the body deformation per volume unit of the body parts touching the ground can be reduced by minimizing the time of the body contact with the surface and by increasing the area of body parts in contact with the surface. Decreasing the time of the body contact with the surface can be achieved by increasing, to some extent, the velocity of the body rolling. A factor increasing the contact surfaces can be extending a radius of the circle on which the fall continues. This can also decrease the rolling resistance strength, which is responsible for non-elastic body deformation. The knowledge of biomechanics contained in this paper proves the correctness of the statement, that “suffering an injury” does not necessarily mean to be an unavoidable consequence of a fall. Body injuries can be weakened through a proper technique of falling, applied in particular physical conditions generating a fall. In the majority of cases the contemporary educational systems do not see properly the necessity of teaching safe falls. Taking adequate preference actions in this area would reduce significantly fatal accidents and serious injuries to a body caused by falls, especially of elderly people and professionals who are frequently exposed to falls.


Key words: rotational motion, martial arts, falling technique, body injuries, biomechanics of a fall