2016, Volume 12, Issue 1

Agonology – the prospect of an effective defence of peace and unrestricted freedom of scientists

Roman Maciej Kalina1

1Department of Combat Sports, Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport, Gdansk, Poland, Editor-in-Chief Archives of Budo, Poland

Author for correspondence: Roman Maciej Kalina; Department of Combat Sports, Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport, Gdansk, Poland, Editor-in-Chief Archives of Budo, Poland; email: kom.kalina[at]op.pl

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Permanent peace and scientific knowledge are the greatest common good. Nevertheless, people still cannot cope with the age-old problem – struggle with oneself. With their agonistic nature. The most explicit indicators of lost “struggles with oneself” involve invariably the unbridled expansion of power and the escalation of violence and aggression. A phenomenon which has been effectively hidden so far is the fact that scientists make their actions similar to the most destructive powerful people. Familiarising oneself with the reality is the supreme value and at the same time the main objective of science. Thus, it is possible to achieve it if fundamental ethical norms are obeyed. On the other hand, for those who have it, power is a goal itself. People in power treat all moral norms nearly always in instrumental way. Agonology (science about struggle) provides methodology and tools which allow to study such phenomena in theoretical and empirical manner, but also methods to effectively counteract destruction from micro to macro scale. Agonology remains however an unknown science. Agonology has been created by four Polish scientists and each of five detailed theories has been published in Polish. 

If demoralization reaches so deeply into the social structures (academics take over the methods typical for the most destructive people in power), thus the only sensible question is to consider two issues: whether it is an isolated incident identified in one country, or rather more common phenomenon but with yet unknown scale and range, because it is effectively hidden from the public?

This two-stage settlement of the question is the main goal of cognitive cycle exhaustive study Editors Archives of Budo due to the possibility of intellectual, strictly merits and editorial is able to share in the global space science (competently, possibly the most carefully and promptly). Therefore, also educational mission of agonology will be completed towards the widest recipient possible, i.e. the major application objective of these studies.

Key words: cybernetic theory of struggle, scientific deontology, theory of a non-armed struggle, theory of combat sports, theory of defensive struggle