2017, Volume 13, Issue 1

Acute physiological responses on performance of Choy Lee Fut forms in amateur practitioners

Juan Cortell-Tormo1, Miguel García-Jaén1, Roberto Cejuela1, Ivan Chulvi-Medrano1, Carmen Manchado-López1, Julia Gómez-Ramos1

1General and Specific Didactics, University of Alicante, Spain

Author for correspondence: Juan Cortell-Tormo; General and Specific Didactics, University of Alicante, Spain; email: jm.cortell@ua.es

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Background and Study Aim: Martial arts’ forms are established sequences of offensive and defensive techniques representing simulated fights against fictitious opponents. Research has studied different acute physiological responses of form performance in other combat sports. However, in Choy Lee Fut (CLF) style, these responses remain unexplored. Therefore, the aim of this investigation was the knowledge about acute physiological responses in the performance of CLF form training session on the heart rate (HR), blood lactate concentration ([La]) and serum creatine kinase concentration ([CK]) in amateur practitioners.

Material  and Methods: Ten male volunteers from a CLF amateur team participated in this study. HR, La, and CK were measured in basal conditions, right after the empty-hand and bag forms performance and 3-min after. CK post-exercise and 24 hours after CK24h were also registered. HR was measured through a cardio-tachometer, La using a lactate analyzer, and CK using a single-test clinical chemistry system.

Results: Study findings showed significant differences in HR responses between basal HR vs. mean work HR, (p=0.000) and maximal work HR, (p=0.000). Likewise, significant differences were found in La responses between basal La vs. post-exercise La, (p=0.000) and 3-min after exercise La, (p=0.000). Finally, data also showed significant differences in CK 24-hour after exercise vs. post-exercise (p=0.004) and basal values (p=0.000); and between CK basal vs. post-exercise values (p=0.000).

Conclusions: Trial conditions elicited high HR and La responses, which indicate that a session of the performance of CLF forms conforms to a high intensity cardio-metabolic training session. Additionally, mild CK responses suggest small muscle damage. Therefore, this session could be recommended as an optimal exercise option for amateur practitioners seeking to improve their cardiorespiratory fitness.

Key words: combat sport, martial arts, training responses, heart rate, blood lactate, creatine kinase