2017, Volume 13, Issue 1

Changes in expression of selected cellular stress response genes after passive body overheating in sauna and moderate exercise in judo athletes and untrained people

Małgorzata Żychowska1

1Department of Life Sciences, University of Physical Education and Sport, Poland

Author for correspondence: Małgorzata Żychowska; Department of Life Sciences, University of Physical Education and Sport, Poland; email: zychowska.m@gmail.com

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Background and Study Aim: Passive overheating and exercises influence the genes expression, especially encoding heat shock protein and interleukin. The aim was the effect of one-time sauna and moderate exercise on selected genes expression in judo athletes and untrained people.

Material and Methods: Ten athletes trained judo (JA group aged 21.5 ±0.43 years) and 10 untrained (CON group aged 20 ±0.7 years) were subjected to 30 min cycling with load 80% maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max). and 30 min one-time sauna (temperature of 98.2°C and humidity 10 ±2%). Venous blood samples were collected before and immediately after exercise or sauna to measured express of genes related to cellular stress response using quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR).

Results: Sauna induced higher changes in genes expression than exercise in both groups. After passive overheating HSPA1A and HSPB1 mRNA increased significantly in both groups (p˂0.05), while IL6 mRNA only in CON and IL10 mRNA only in JA. Exercise significantly affected HSPA1A  in both groups. HSPB1 and IL6 mRNA significantly increased only in CON (p = 0.03 for HSPB1 and p = 0.02 for IL6) but in JA these changes were not significant. Generally in JA the expression of tested genes was lower both after exercise and sauna compared to CON.

Conclusions: Applied exercise caused lower (but insignificant) changes in the expression of tested genes than passive overheating in the sauna. Sauna induced similar changes to exercise and can be used in maintain adaptive changes to physical effort in judo training or can be useful during forced breaks in training, e.g. due to injury.

Key words: genes expression, heat shock protein, interleukin