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Public space in 2022 is increasingly dominated by the words: "invisible opponent", "enemy", "struggle", "counteracting", "defence" and synonymous. They are both critical words of agonology (science about struggle). Firstly, by the "invisible opponent" (enemy) is CORONAVIRUS-19 (COVID-19). In fact, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many "enemies": forced sedentarism, multiple stress, irrational diet, depression, etc. Then by "visible aggressor" Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

There are no grounds to believe that editors of texts on the threats directly inspired by Russia's aggression against Ukraine and COVID-19 are familiar with the terminology of agonology, in particular theories, hypotheses, laws, rules, principles and methods of this esoteric science. It turns out that most of the scientific work dedicated to science about struggle has been published since 2011 in the Archives of Budo. Therefore, in this dramatic situation, in a sense, paradoxically, our journal is the only one in the global environment of science that offers basic knowledge of struggle in a universal and synthetic sense – that is, for everyone (in English).

We strongly emphasize that it would be naïve to expect that agonology (innovative agonology) – in fact, experts of this science – will provide ready-made methods for overcoming COVID-19. We do not doubt that according to the mission of science and the truth that "science is one" innovative agonology can become a highly effective source of inspiration for experts in each specific fields of science. Also, for those dealing with crisis management in a complementary manner to overcome this global threat while minimizing the inevitable losses.

However, we recommend practical solutions by authors who have not only methodological competences in the field of sports training, combat sports and many years of practical experience. Associate Professor Jan Harasymowicz (a member of Editorial Board of Archives of Budo) and PhD student Michał Oleksy, know the basics of agonology and offer creative recommendations regarding physical activity, both in-home or in outdoor defying "invisible enemies".


Bartlomiej Barczynski                                                                                  Roman Maciej Kalina
Deputy Editor                                                                                                Editor-in-Chief