Safe Falls Academy

The classification of exercises, specific for every fall, is a methodical way in the process of teaching showing how to safely hit the ground and some vertical obstacles. Thus, the choice of exercises adjusted to students individual needs should not be dangerous for one who is consciously set off-balance and falling. On the contrary, by reasonably increasing the level of difficulty of those tasks, it is possible to effectively arouse the feeling of self-confidence in students.

A reliably realised programme of self-defence should include a classification of falls in four general areas. One must be aware that the exercises (especially those performed without the instructors expert assistance) would not always be executed under optimum conditions (the mat, educational aids, etc.). However, when no such conditions are available and the training can only take place in small groups and in limited space (a few mattresses), it is useful to be acquainted with the basic classification of each fall. Exercises properly performed (in given order) within limited space, can guarantee safety as far as bodily damage in the course of the process of education is concerned. These are fundamental exercises which should not be overlooked in teaching.

The classification of teaching various falls can be supplemented with other exercises, especially in different situations. Yet, the rule of adjusting the level of difficulty to the skills of subjects must be strictly followed. The preventive significance of the ability to fall safely goes way beyond the field of sports, martial arts and self-defence training. When practising sports, and in everyday physical activities, there are numerous situations when various collisions and falls may happen, often resulting in disability or even death.

Teaching Safe Falls