2012, Volume 8

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Published online: 2012-03-31
Lactate concentration during one-day male judo competition: A case study
Radosław Laskowski, Sylwester Kujach, Mirosław Smaruj, Tomasz Grzywacz, Marcin Łuszczyk, Adam Marek, Ewa Ziemann

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Published online: 2012-03-26
The structure and influence of different flying high front kick techniques on the achieved height on the example of taekwon-do athletes
Jacek Wąsik

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Published online: 2012-03-06
Wrestlers’ health – biological, behavioural and axiological aspects
Marek Sokołowski, Alicja Kaiser, Urszula Czerniak, Maciej Tomczak, Grzegorz Bręczewski

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Published online: 2012-02-29
Traditional Asian martial arts and youth: Experiences of young Chinese wushu athletes
Marc Theeboom, Zhu Dong, Jikkemien Vertonghen

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Published online: 2012-02-14
The mechanical efficiency of the o soto gari technique when applied to judokas of different heights
Sebastião Iberes Lopes Melo, Saray Giovana dos Santos, Jairo Santarém Teixeira, Tatiane Piucco

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Published online: 2012-01-29
Using EEG biofeedback in karate: the relationship among anxiety, motivation and brain waves
Hakan Kolayis

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Published online: 2012-01-19
Changes in the muscular outputs of young judoists during resistance exercises performed on unstable equipment: A case study
Milovan Bratic, Dragan Radovanovic, Aleksandar Ignjatovic, Ivana Bojic, Nenad Stojiljkovic

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Published online: 2012-01-12
A comparison of concussion assessment and management protocols used by medical personnel at elite taekwondo tournaments in the Republic of Korea and the United States
Gabriel P. Fife, Rod A. Harter

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