2012, Volume 8, Issue 2

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Published online: 2012-06-30
Trend of the effects of four varieties of yoga bhastrika pranayama on physical efficiency index
Rajeev Choudhary, Leslaw Kulmatycki, Tilak Raj Meena

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Published online: 2012-06-14
Causes of injuries in young female judokas
Kazimierz Witkowski, Jarosław Maśliński, Tadeusz Stefaniak, Irena Wieczorek

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Published online: 2012-06-08
Reliability in kimono grip strength tests and comparison between elite and non-elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu players
Bruno Victor Corrêa da Silva, Moacir Marocolo Junior, Mário Antônio de Moura Simim, Fernando Nazário Rezende, Emerson Franchini, Gustavo Ribeiro de Mota

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Published online: 2012-05-31
The Efficiency of Football Players in One Against One Game in the Aspect of Situational Factors of a Sports Fight
Andrzej Szwarc, Krzysztof Kromke, Patrycja Lipińska

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Published online: 2012-05-21
Differences in vertical jumping performance between untrained males and advanced Greek judokas
Georgios Zaggelidis, Savvas N. Lazaridis, Alexandros Malkogiorgos, Fotios Mavrovouniotis

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Published online: 2012-05-08
Interrelation between predisposition to work under different energy modes and individual characteristics of skilled wrestlers’ tactical approachh
Stanislaw Sawczyn, Władysław Jagiełło, Valentin I. Fetisov, Viktor S. Mishchenko

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Published online: 2012-04-22
Stress in sport situations experienced by people who practice karate
Stanisław Sterkowicz, Jan Blecharz, Katarzyna Sterkowicz-Przybycień

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Published online: 2012-04-11
Spectators’ behaviour from the view of security forces in sport competitions
Fikret Ramazanoğlu

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