2012, Volume 8, Issue 3

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Published online: 2012-09-30
The profile of Sense of Positive Health and Survival Abilities indices (subjective assessment) as a diagnostic tool used in health-related training
Roman Maciej Kalina

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Published online: 2012-09-20
Improvement of the Quality of Life of persons with degenerative joint disease in the process of a comprehensive rehabilitation program enhanced by Tai Chi: the perspective of increasing therapeutic and rehabilitative effects through the applying of eastern techniques combining health-enhancing exercises and martial arts
Wiesław Tomaszewski, Grzegorz Mańko, Maria Pachalska, Marzena Chantsoulis, Jacek Perliński, Beata Łukaszewska, Magdalena Pawłowska, Jarosław Jaszczur-Nowicki

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Published online: 2012-09-10
Physiological and Kinanthropometrical Parameters of an Elite Climber. Single case study
Julio Calleja-González, Nicolás Terrados, Gaizka Mejuto, Jose Antonio Lekue, Xabier Leibar, Ramón Gárate, Jose Emparanza, Julen Erauzkin, Maialen Beldarrain

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Published online: 2012-08-31
Postural balance control ability of visually impaired and unimpaired judoists
Ramdane Almansba, Katarzyna Sterkowicz-Przybycień, Stanislaw Sterkowicz, Dalila Mahdad, Jean Paul Boucher, Michel Calmet, Alain Steve Comtois

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Published online: 2012-08-21
Oxidative stress in young judokas: effects of four week pre-competition training period
Dragan Radovanovic, Nemanja Stankovic, Nenad Ponorac, Mirsad Nurkic, Milovan Bratic

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Published online: 2012-07-31
Success factors in elite WTF taekwondo competitors
Jerzy Sadowski, Dariusz Gierczuk, Jerzy Miller, Igor Cieśliński

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Published online: 2012-07-13
Specific exercise testing in judo athletes
Elena Pocecco, Hannes Gatterer, Gerhard Ruedl, Martin Burtscher

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Published online: 2012-07-03
Applying non-apparatus and quasi-apparatus tests in a widely understood concept of health promotion – an example of flexibility measurement and assessment
Roman M Kalina

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