2011, Volume 7, Issue 2

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Original article

Published online: 2011-06-20
Acceptance and Areas of Involvement of Students of Tourism and Recreation in EKO- AGRO-FITNESS© Programme
Danuta Żiżka-Salamon, Bartłomiej Gąsienica-Walczak

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Published online: 2011-06-13
The influence of the wrestling technique on contact efficiency of young male team handball players
Nikola Foretić, Hrvoje Karninčić, Ognjen Uljević

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Published online: 2011-05-05
Physiological adaptations of a specific muscle-imbalance reduction training programme in elite female judokas
Patrik Drid, Sergej Ostojic, Sandra Vujkov, Sanja Purkovic, Tatjana Trivic, Marko Stojanovic

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Published online: 2011-04-19
Martial arts in the opinions of students at the Faculty of Physical Education
Władysław Jagiełło, Marcin Dornowski

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Published online: 2011-04-12
Nutritional assessment of Brazilian Muay Thai practitioners
Luciana Rossi, Letícia Oliveria, Luci Borges, Adriana Malavazzi

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Review article

Published online: 2011-06-07
Training exercise performance questionnaire (TEPQ) - development study. A study on sportsmen from branches of Judo, Taekwondo, Karate
Turhan Toros

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Published online: 2011-06-21
Evaluation in science - Index Copernicus case study of multi-parametric evaluation system
Bartłomiej Jan Barczyński, Mirosław Rek

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Published online: 2011-05-16
Tradition of physical exercises and martial arts in actors' education
Jan Harasymowicz

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