2005, Volume 1

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Published online: 2005-12-09
Changing judo in changing Europe On the identity of combat sports in the era of integration and globalisation
Waldemar Sikorski

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Published online: 2005-11-24
Training of psychomotor adaptation – a key factorin teaching self-defence
Jan Harasymowicz, Roman M. Kalina

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Published online: 2005-11-02
Perception, understanding and adaptation of Asianmartial arts in the West: a sociological analysis
Wojciech J. Cynarski, Lothar Sieber, Artur Litwiniuk

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Published online: 2005-09-23
The importance of hand-to-hand fights for determining psychomotor competence of antiterrorists
Sergey Ashkinazi, Władysław Jagiełło, Roman M. Kalina, Sergey Novikov, Romuald Stupnicki

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Published online: 2005-07-25
Morphological, physiological and technical variablesin high-level college judoists
Emerson Franchini, Monica Yuri Takito, Rômulo Cássio Moraes Bertuzzi

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